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As independent business and Customer Relationship Management Consultants (CRM Consultants) we help you to get the most out of your investment in CRM.

For over a decade we've been helping people across many different industries to get the help they need. Usually, we find people are seeking help to:


  • Strategy Development
  • Business Case Development
  • Product and Vendor Selection
  • Business Process Design
  • CRM Implementation 


  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Design
  • Business Case Development
  • Solution Design and Implementation
  • Change Management


  • Technical System Optimisation
  • Systems Integration
  • Product swap-out
  • CRM Project Recovery

Implementing a CRM system, or even improving what you've got, can be a challenging proposition. There are many examples of high-profile organisations who have got it very wrong. In fact, a 2017 article in CIO Magazine stated that at least one third of CRM projects fail! And that was based on an average across analysts that showed anywhere from 18% to 69% of projects fail. 

A 2018 article in the Harvard Business Review explored the reasons for failure and came to the conclusion that CRM projects fail because:

  • CRM systems are too often used for inspection — to report on progress, improve accuracy of forecasts, provide visibility, predict project delivery dates, and provide a range of other business intelligence — rather than creating improvement in the sales process
  • CRMs today serve a lot of masters, from executives in the C-suite, technology, marketing, finance, and, sales. They try to address more objectives than are reasonable for any software system

The HBR article goes on to state that to achieve a successful CRM project you should ensure that:

  • Marketing and sales collaborate on CRM projects
  • Your implementation is not about the technology, and it is not to fulfil an administrative reporting requirement, which is how too many sales teams view them. The CRM is a tool to help sell more, and to access support resources during sales cycles
  • The CRM is used as a tool to jointly create strategies for major opportunities, and help the sales team to maximise opportunities by coaching them throughout the sales process 

Whilst the above article focuses mainly on the use of CRM to support sales, a CRM system can also support pre-sales functions, i.e. marketing, and post sales, such as customer service. What's important to realise is that there are broad and varied stakeholders in a CRM project. Often with conflicting priorities. This is why, in our experience, it helps to bring in external expertise.

The benefits of engaging CRM consultants include:

  • Bringing real-world expertise on a broad selection of CRM products, thereby ensuring that you choose the product that will be right for your business
  • Knowing best practice, including what not to do, across implementation and adoption
  • Being independent of both software vendors, and your internal organisational politics

When helping clients we usually start with a CRM Workshop to help understand the current lay of the land, and to determine your goals, objectives and aspirations. We work with you to determine where CRM can fit into your unique business to bring about the desired outcomes. We’ll also tell you if we don’t think a CRM system is the right solution for you!

You can learn more about what we do in our CRM workshops here. Or schedule an initial free telephone consultation

Products we work with

Once we understand the current environment and agree your objectives, we can set to work on selecting the right CRM for your needs. But choosing a CRM system can be overwhelming given the huge array of solutions available in the marketplace today. We know which solutions work for which types of organisation. It’s not simply a question of licensing costs, or who does the best job of persuading you to buy their system. Many factors need to be taken into account, such as:

  • The business processes that you’re seeking to improve
  • When, where, how and by whom the system will be used
  • The other systems that you’ll want to integrate with
  • The technical capabilities and capacity of the in-house team

We've helped clients across multiple CRM platforms, working frequently with Workbooks CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We've also helped with lots of other systems because we’re vendor agnostic. That means we're oriented towards your needs, not that of software vendors. We are your trusted customer relationship management consultants. 

Below is a list of some of the products that we work with. Click or tap on the product icons to learn more. 

Who we work with

The principles of good CRM strategy development, product selection, solution design, implementation and business transformation are the same across all market sectors and industries. At CRM Insights our clients are typically SME's, with revenues in the £1m - £50m range.  Whilst we're agnostic as to market sectors, our clients usually fall within the market sectors listed below. 

Click or tap on the market sector boxes to open up case studies relevant to each or industry. Or, if your industry isn't listed, browse through all of our case studies here

At CRM Insights our clients span the length and breadth of the UK, and further afield. As CRM consultants we're based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the East of England. We have easy access to the major road network which we often find ourselves travelling up and down on to see clients. We also regularly have clients come to visit us at our Peterborough office. Sometimes there’s a great benefit in you getting away from your office and being able to focus on matters at hand without interruption.

Why work with us?

At CRM Insights our ethos is to be your trusted CRM consultants. By that we mean that we promise to tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not always what you want to hear!

We’re vendor agnostic, with the vast majority of our clients using Workbooks CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our team of customer relationship management consultants collectively has over 70 years of experience helping SME’s to be successful with CRM. We’ve helped businesses all the way from solopreneurs to >500 users.

We like to focus on the long game too. Whilst not every client will require more than an initial workshop or implementation support, we find that those clients who get the best value from their CRM implementation work with us in the long-term as their chosen CRM consultants of choice. This gives the greatest opportunity to extract maximum business value from your CRM.

But don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our clients have said...

Rory Dear

Datasound Laboratories

They’re trustworthy and have always been there instantly – it’s been fantastic to work with them.

Laura Green

Stamford Stone

The monitoring of leads has helped the Sales team an awful lot. It’s created a healthier work environment for everyone. And it‘s made it a more enjoyable business to run.

John Pearce

Made in Britain

As a small team, we’ve found the expertise and support of CRM Insights invaluable.

I really respect the flexibility of their approach and their willingness to work with us to dream up and deliver valuable new solutions to our business challenges.

We’re happily increasing our future investment with them.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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