A switch from Dynamics to Workbooks enables manufacturer to have its best year yet!

Datasound Laboratories found itself making big business decisions on incomplete data!

Datasound Laboratories (DSL) is a PCB designer, electronic products builder, and industrial touchscreen product distributor, established in 1991.

When Managing Director, Rory Dear, took over the business he identified a need to invest in systems, starting with the accounting solution in order to comply with ‘Making Tax Digital’.

This change drove a requirement to integrate with the CRM solution. With the incumbent solution being Microsoft Dynamics, it became apparent that it would be prohibitively expensive to integrate.

Not only that, but there was frustration that new reports required from Microsoft Dynamics always needed the expertise of external consultants to write code.

The only workaround to this was to export data and manipulate it in Microsoft Excel. But this was inefficient. It also meant big business decisions were having to be made from data that was continually out of date.

Independence of CRM solution was paramount

Following on from a recommendation, DSL engaged CRM Insights.

“What I liked about CRM Insights is that they don’t just provide one CRM. They approach your problems and, once fully understood, they suggest solutions.”
Rory Dear, Managing Director

CRM Insights recommended and implemented Workbooks. As a result, business processes have been improved, particularly around customer quotations and raising orders.

For example, in the old system, data had to be manually transferred from a quotation to a purchase order. In fact, every phase of the customer journey was manual when it came to the systems. This was both inefficient and prone to human error.

The streamlined processes defined in Workbooks have eradicated human error.

“The training was exceptional, and the people at CRM Insights were very patient. They really wanted to understand every element of the customer journey to see where we could get most value from the system.”
Rory Dear, Managing Director

Efficiencies led to tangible business outcomes

The outcomes from the efficiencies gained by the implementation and configuration of Workbooks by CRM Insights have been dramatic…

“We had our most successful year yet - our highest turnover over by a factor of 30%. But actually, we weren’t any busier as a result.”
Rory Dear, Managing Director

But this isn’t the end!

Successful adoption of the system required everyone in the business to get involved. As a result, CRM Insights has become a trusted advisor to DSL.  

“They know the business well now, so when a new feature comes out, they can identify where and how it will help our business.”
Rory Dear, Managing Director

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