EV manufacturer reduces quote turnaround time from 1 day+ to less than 1hr

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles puts client satisfaction front and centre

Shipping more than 2,000 units annually, Bradshaw Electric Vehicles (Bradshaw EV) manufactures, imports and distributes electric vehicles. It provides off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to customers who include some of the UK’s largest airports, The British Grand Prix, Wimbledon and The RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of Bradshaw EV, and to ensure it meets high standards it has achieved ISO9001 accreditation.

Sales order processes were inefficient and error prone

Bradshaw EV’s salespeople spend their time out on the road meeting customers. Previously, a salesperson would conduct a survey from which a quote is generated. To generate a quote, the salesperson had to contact the admin team back in the office and explain what was needed in the quote. There was no automated way to prevent choosing incompatible components, and there was a high risk of mispricing.

The business process was time consuming, inefficient, and error prone. It was also inflexible, making it difficult to satisfy the demands of clients with changing needs.

The challenge in finding a solution

Previously, Bradshaw EV was using the Act! CRM system. This was suitable for the basic needs of the business but could not adequately provide the capabilities being sought. A number of out-of-the-box solutions were evaluated. However, no single system seemed to provide all the required capabilities.

After talking with industry peers, a big concern of Bradshaw EV's was that it would end up requiring multiple systems.

“We engaged with a number of vendors but struggled to see how we could make things work. Then, Mike from CRM Insights had an ‘Aha!’ moment. From that point forwards it was only CRM Insights that created the confidence that it could be done.”
Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager

It was determined that the best solution was to implement an off-the-shelf product that was highly configurable. CRM Insights recommended Workbooks.

Meeting complex requirements

The Bradshaw EV product set is highly configurable. A customer can choose a base body type (one of 6), a cab (one of 7), a charging option (one of 2), and any number of additional options. To achieve this, CRM Insights created a ‘Product Configurator’ within Workbooks. This provides a database of components from which a final product price is defined. Previously, the data to achieve this was in disparate systems. 

The Product Configurator approach is far superior, but can be complex to model in a CRM system. To work effectively a robust ruleset is required in Workbooks. This ruleset automatically prevents the selection of unavailable or incompatible items. A capability not easily achieved in the previous manual asynchronous process.  

“CRM Insights really understood what the business is and how it operates. Once understood, they really took on board the issues of the organisation and identified what we needed”
Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager

Increasing value to the customer

With the Product Configurator capabilities, the salesperson can add more value to the customer. Using knowledge of the customer and the solutions available, the salesperson can put forward alternative suggestions and quotations. This enables quotes to be more comprehensive, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales order value.

A bespoke element that Bradshaw EV required was the ability to include an image of a vehicle within a quotation, and to provide the quote in a PDF format. In the previous system it was necessary to manually create a quotation in Microsoft Word and export it as a PDF. A time consuming, manual and error prone process.

CRM Insights was able to fulfil this need within the Workbooks system.

“CRM Insights undertook the programming. Their level of technical knowledge on Workbooks was outstanding, demonstrated by an ability to come up with solutions on the fly.”
Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager

Business outcomes

Utilising Workbooks, Bradshaw EV’s salespeople can now create quotes whilst in the field and without needing to contact the office. Not only that, but quotes are more accurate as they are put together by a salesperson who has in-depth knowledge of a customer’s needs, supported by a system that ensures appropriate component selection. 

In summary, the Workbooks solution, bespoke configured and enhanced by CRM Insights, has brought the following benefits:

  • Enhanced customer experience: The CRM system can dynamically provide a view of the final product. Previously a generic image was used along with a disclaimer to the customer to say that it was illustrative. Now the actual product is able to be viewed.
  • Shorter sales cycle:  Quotes can be turned around far faster which helps to complete sales quicker.
  • Protected market share: The business is seen to be more professional and in line with what customers now demand.
  • Simplified staff training: Through the product configurator, the salesperson is guided through the quotation process. Therefore, the time taken to get salespeople up to speed is a fraction of what it used to be.
  • Reduced risk: Previously there were numerous risks e.g. a salesperson might inadvertently copy payment terms which would no longer be valid. The CRM systems brings control that mitigates these risks
“We always aimed to provide customers with a quotation within 24-48hrs. Now we can achieve it in less than an hour!”
Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager

How efficient is your sales order process?

Is your organisation faced with similar complexity? Does your current CRM system meet your business needs going forward? Are you stuck having to use multiple systems to achieve a less than perfect result?

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