The sales team were bypassing a clunky Goldmine CRM until it was replaced by Workbooks

Total Clothing found Goldmine CRM lacked the capabilities to support its complex business processes


We’d been through a few CRM systems – including GoldMine and Microsoft CRM – over about 10 years. To be honest, we weren’t very happy with any of them. We have to cater for very specific needs and processes, which are quite complex. Our team was growing increasingly frustrated by the previous systems, which were slow and inefficient. There was a risk they’d bypass them altogether, resulting in lost data and orders.


We needed to migrate data from our existing system, configure a new system and be confident of having quality training and support. Our past experience was that people installed systems and then we ran into problems after the 60 or 90 day support period expired. We weren’t able to respond to the inevitable ‘unknown unknowns’.


CRM Insights identified that Workbooks would be an ideal solution for our needs and budget. They came in, demonstrated it to the team and set us up with a one year support package, payable in equal, monthly instalments. This way we get the hand-holding we need, combined with the confidence of an agreed budget. This is essential when you’re in a business where it’s impossible to predict what additional reports and services you may need in several months’ time.


Every one of our sales team is now using the new system without complaint. Our processes – especially generating quotes – have been streamlined and automated, saving time, effort and money. And we’re confident that we finally have a system that can be developed and adapted to meet our evolving needs.


CRM Insights are true professionals and a real experts in their field. They work as a committed partner in the business, proactively suggesting opportunities for getting more out of our system. In doing so they has saved us a lot of frustration and hassle. I have no hesitation in recommending CRM Insights. They make the right things happen for your business and we’ll be happy to use them for additional projects.