Which of these best describes you?


Are you stuck in spreadsheet hell?

Wrong crm

Are you only using 10% of your crm?

Sales pipeline invisible 

Having difficulty with Forecasting?

Poorly implemented crm

Is crm ignored by people in your business?

Which crm

Which crm is the right option for your business?

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We considered Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and VPM Online, before deciding that Workbooks was a good fit for our relatively small, UK based business. CRM Insights was the logical choice to support us.

Mike’s initial presentation and responses to our questions were excellent. We found the process mapping day invaluable and Mike has been a pleasure to work with. He’s invested time in getting it right for us.

CRM Insights’ straightforward, down to earth approach inspires a high level of trust and confidence. They explain very technical challenges without resorting to incomprehensible jargon. I’d gladly recommend them.