Greater sales pipeline visibility results in confident and effective sales team thanks to smooth transition from GoldMine to Workbooks

Greater sales pipeline visibility results in confident and effective sales team thanks to smooth transition from GoldMine to Workbooks

Jayne Birks, Proactive AV


Based near St Neots, we install interactive whiteboards, projectors and screens in schools, auditoriums and meeting rooms. We’ve been in business since 2004 and have always had a CRM, but felt our existing Goldmine system required too much configuration and investment. We considered Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and VPM Online, before deciding that Workbooks was a good fit for our relatively small, UK based business. CRM Insights was the logical choice to support us. We’d worked with Don before and were confident he and his team would be good partners.


We had lots of data on Goldmine that needed to be migrated across. Plus, we had to configure Workbooks so as to ensure our sales team could use it confidently and effectively. I’m reasonably technical, so I was able to identify where we would and wouldn’t need to rely on external support.


CRM Insights did all the data migration. We bought consulting days and worked with them – often in their office – so we could learn as we went. They also ran training sessions for our staff. We started talking to them in March 2017, most of the work was done over the summer and Phase 1 went live on 2nd October. We plan to build on the functionality with their support.


We’re really happy. The go live process went very smoothly and our salespeople have really taken to the new system. Everything is much quicker and slicker than before. Best of all, we now have proper management reporting on activities and opportunities, thanks to the detailed overview of the sales pipeline.


I really enjoy working with Don and Trevor. It was great that they were happy for me to sit with them in their office as we worked through the process. Their technical skills are outstanding, their style suits me and they’re excellent at explaining possibilities and priorities. As a result, I was able to make decisions with a clear understanding of costs and needs. They also helped me identify things we could manage without – saving time and money.


A business providing audiovisual solutions needed help with migrating to a better CRM system to  provide effective management reporting. CRM Insights worked with the internal team to set up Workbooks, transfer the data and train staff to use the new functionality to best effect.

“Working with CRM Insights has been a very positive experience. The team know what they’re doing we have a great relationship and having them available on an ongoing support contract is invaluable. Thankfully, tracking our sales activity on Excel spreadsheets is now a thing of the past!”

Jayne Birks