Optimise, integrate or change your CRM

Optimising, integrating, or changing your CRM

Welcome to our insights on optimising, integrating and changing your CRM 

On this page you'll find advice and guidance through articles, on-demand webinars, templates and guides on all the things you need to know about how to optimise, integrate or change your CRM system. We also share our experiences through client case studies to help you contextualise how you can leverage CRM to improve your business. 


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Have you outgrown your CRM? (and why you should migrate from GoldMine CRM)

Migrate from GoldMine CRM? Are you serious?Back in 2008 I had to make a difficult decision. After many, many years invested in GoldMine, it was finally time to move on. To migrate from GoldMine CRM. A decision I didn’t take lightly!  My relationship with Goldmine had been a long one. I’d written (and sold internationally) add-on

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