Fast growing business no longer held back by spreadsheet limitations

3rd Street Group saw critical data become fragmented

3rd Street Group is an industry leading provider of business-to-business events. Bringing together many different groups of people, it provides exhibitors, sponsors and delegates with an innovative, compelling and cost-effective experience.

As a young company, 3rd Street Group was yet to invest in a robust CRM. And with the business growing, critical data had become fragmented across multiple spreadsheets and systems:

"We just couldn’t do what we needed to with spreadsheets, especially when we had to integrate different data sources. To pull together all of the key information required into a single place used to take us a very long time.”

Having reliable and easy access to core business data is essential for 3rd Street Group. Without it there is the risk of dramatically overspending on an event, which would impact the bottom-line at year-end.

Finding the right solution

With prior experience of CRM products across the team, the business set to finding a suitable solution. The system needed to be able to:

  • Record information on conversations with leads
  • Capture win likelihood assessments
  • Provide financial forecasting
  • Contain event data such as stand sizes and numbers
  • Enable the production and downloading of forecasting reports

Not only would the system support sales, customer engagement, and forecasting, but it also had to support event coordination by providing data to contractors building the exhibitions.

After evaluating a number of different systems, 3rd Street Group selected Workbooks as it was superior in functionality and flexibility, and it was cost competitive.

Finding the right partner

"It was extremely important to us to have a reliable partner to help implement and support Workbooks as we had neither the time nor money to waste!”

Following on from referral by Workbooks itself, 3rd Street Group engaged CRM Insights to provide a product demonstration.

“Our experience right from the get-go with CRM Insights has been great. Rather than rush to commercial discussions, they were consultative and took the time to get to understand us. As a result, it’s been transformative!”

The business now has critical information available in the CRM at the click of a button, and it is more efficient as a result. The CRM has enabled the business to more easily give and maintain the great customer service that its clients have come to expect:

“CRM Insights got things up and running very quickly. Our users are very happy, and adoption of the solution has been excellent. We can now stand out as a great exhibitions company. And, as our business continues to grow, we can be certain that CRM Insights is there to support us as a reliable partner.”

Is your data fragmented across multiple spreadsheets and other data sources?

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