Better business intelligence enables professional body to increase client retention

The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES)

BASES provides:

  • Membership services
  • Professional standards (administers and awards certifications)
  • Conferences and events
  • Research and publications
  • Industry partnerships

The IT systems were dated and inflexible, making it challenging to deliver the core services of membership, and certification award and administration.

It was difficult to see historic member activity, the professional standards members held, accreditation status, or to maintain up to date payment information.

Mapping and analysing trends were entirely manual processes, requiring the comparison of multiple spreadsheets.

Meaningful information was time consuming to produce, and error-prone. And the creation, editing and scheduling of reports required expensive chargeable 3rd party developer time.

Seeking a vendor that put BASES first!

BASES evaluated various systems, including off-the-shelf do-it-yourself solutions, before settling on Workbooks.

To make the change successful, BASES sought an organisation that put it first. It wanted the solution to be aligned to its business needs, rather than the business having to fit the product.

Despite initial scepticism of consultants, BASES engaged CRM Insights because it wanted a partner that was independent.

"CRM Insights gave us the confidence that no-one else did – they demonstrated that they understood our business, and how to utilise Workbooks to meet the business needs.”

The critical gaps between business requirements, solution capabilities, and other 3rd party solution providers were bridged. CRM Insights seamlessly collaborated with the 3rd-party web developers, and engaged with the whole BASES team.

"CRM Insights spoke in a language that we could understand – it wasn’t lost in translation or too technical.”

Revenues are now better captured, staff more efficiently deployed, and strategic decisions based on accurate data

With the help of CRM Insights, the implementation of Workbooks has given BASES a much better handle on membership management.

Manual business processes have been automated, enabling staff to be redeployed onto other critical tasks. Data quality, integrity, and standards compliance are vastly improved. Payment records are now accurate, eliminating lost revenues. And dashboard reporting enables membership trends to be easily identified, and strategic initiatives implemented as a result.

"Although not an investment based solely on financial return, we’ve already seen revenue growth as a result. And we’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits that the new system and partnership will bring!"

BASES now has confidence that it has the right solution in place with Workbooks – a product that is well supported and will continue to evolve. With the aid of a strategic partner like CRM Insights, BASES knows that it won’t rest on its laurels or allow systems to become static and dated again.

"I am confident that as we continue to build on the extra benefits and capabilities, we will see year-on-year increased ROI.”