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Helping you get the most out of your investment in CRM


Having delivered hundreds of CRM solutions, we’ve experienced first-hand what business and IT leaders struggle with when considering CRM, and when attempting to realise the promised business benefits. That's where our CRM Workshops come in. 

You see, one of the challenges with CRM is that it's all too easy to jump straight in. To chase that desire to be "doing something". The trouble with CRM is that, if you head off in the wrong direction, it can prove difficult to get back on track. In many instances, during or following a failed implementation, businesses simply give up on CRM altogether! This is a missed opportunity.

To ensure that you don't make the same mistakes, we've created a series of workshops aligned to where you may be in your CRM journey. Typically, we engage new clients in a workshop first. This ensures a minimal, affordable commitment that usually pays for itself before the workshop even ends!


Our Insight Workshops are designed to create clarity and to give you the insight that you need to make a success of your CRM journey.

We will undertake an initial consultation with you to determine whether a workshop would be suitable, and if so, which one would be most suitable. There are 5 different workshops that we provide, as follows:

Getting started with CRM

Who's it for?

Businesses considering CRM for the first time.

Business issues addressed?

You're experiencing one or more of the following:

  • You're drowning in spreadsheets
  • You've been advised to get a CRM
  • You don't know where to start
  • You're overwhelmed by product choice 
  • Your business is growing fast and you need help to better manage and control it
  • You're not clear if CRM is a worthwhile investment

Technology & Systems

Who's it for?

Businesses looking to understand if they can or should add a CRM system alongside existing systems.

Businesses with existing CRM solutions that are underutilised.

Business issues addressed?

You would like to determine:

  • Clear value for money
  • Whether there is a more cost effective solution available
  • If you're missing out on new features  or technologies
  • How to solve the issue of poor quality of data in the system
  • How to utilise your CRM on more than the seemingly tiny fraction of the business that it currently supports
  • If your CRM can be efficiently and effectively integrated with your other systems


Who's it for?

Businesses about to implement a CRM who desire clarity and want to mitigate risk prior to full system rollout. 

Business issues addressed?

You have one or more of the following concerns:

  • There are various business initiatives related to the CRM and it is not clear how to prioritise them
  • The business outcomes and return on investment are opaque and you're seeking greater clarity
  • You have multiple IT and software systems and are not sure how, or even if, they should be integrated with the CRM
  • It is not clear who will be involved in assisting with the implementation internally, and what skills are required       
  • You can't commit to a project until there's a clearer understanding of the scope and costs

User Engagement

Who's it for?

Businesses with a CRM system in place and who have identified a training need. Perhaps due to a change in staff or maybe a need to boost CRM adoption.

Business issues addressed?

You're experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Some people aren't using the CRM
  • Despite having the CRM system in place, spreadsheets keep popping up
  • Users are do things differently
  • Vocal detractors are negatively influencing others
  • The boss isn't using the CRM

People & Process

Who's it for?

Businesses that have an existing CRM system in place but it is sub-optimally being used.

Business issues addressed?

You're experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Double handling/re-keying of data
  • Reports are taking too long to generate, possibly with spurious results
  • Inefficient and/or manual processes either remaining or arising as a result of the CRM system
  • Inconsistent use of the system such as multiple definitions being used for the same things things within the company
  • Systems and processes don't seem to be aligned to the business
  • The desired or expected benefits are not being realised

Why workSHOP with us?

At CRM Insights our ethos is to be your trusted CRM consultants. By that we mean that we promise to tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not always what you want to hear!

We’re vendor agnostic, with the vast majority of our clients using Workbooks CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our team of customer relationship management consultants collectively has over 70 years of experience helping SME’s to be successful with CRM. We’ve helped businesses from solopreneurs through to more than 500 staff.

If you're considering a CRM Workshop, then take a look below at what some of our clients have said about their experiences in one of our workshops...

Peta Bean

Stonegate Precision Tooling

In the workshop we dug into what data was needed and why. Then we explored the many ways this data could be turned into useful information. Whilst everyone’s heads were blown by the end of the day, it provided a great basis from which to move forward.

Laura Wilson


This was one of the most draining experiences I’ve ever been through. Being challenged on why the things I’d done for 15+ years were being done that way.

It was great though!

We could clearly see where the holes were, and I could see why people struggled to understand my interpretation of processes. You’ve got to be open to challenge. When you get through it, the resultant system stands you in good stead for the future..

Adrian Oates

Nene Park trust

I learned that it’s so much more than just buying a bit of software - it’s different ways of working!

For the CRM system to become part of our daily routine, we will need people to be brought into the whole concept. To undergo business process change, and to provide training.

CRM Insights made it so much easier to look through the different options. We really appreciated the way they weren’t trying to sell a system and shoehorn our requirements into it.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Ensure your investment in CRM is maximised rather than wasted. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation with one of our customer relationship management consultants. They can help you determine if a workshop is right for you and your business.