CRM solves the problem of disparate data caused by acquiring another business

Norton & Townsend improves sales pipeline management with CRM

We’ve been going for nearly 30 years, have showrooms in London and Yorkshire and go out to busy clients in their offices and homes, to provide an easy and painless tailoring service. When we acquired another business, we inherited a dated data capture system that ran in a virtual version of Windows and wasn’t fit for purpose.

We knew we had a tricky issue to resolve, so we employed a recommended, third party, IT specialist to help us. This narrowed our options to Zoho and Workbooks. We had presentations from Zoho and CRM Insights. The functionality of both was fairly similar. CRM Insights won out thanks to the quality of Mike’s presentation, enthusiasm and personal chemistry.


We needed a completely new CRM system, to take care of our admin and manage our lead generation pipeline. It also needed to back into SAGE, which we’re heavily committed to.


We started off with an online teleconference and then spent the best part of a day with the CRM Insights team mapping our business processes. This was a detailed nuts and bolts analysis, which formed the basis for building the new system. I was impressed by how quickly they understood us. Then there was a period of online testing and training, so it was a reasonably lengthy but very thorough process. Workbooks is predominantly geared to B2B and our business is B2C, but Mike and his team made the necessary modifications without any problems. We’ve yet to tackle the integration with SAGE.


We went live a couple of months ago and have yet to roll it out to the wider team. We’re still making sure we’ve ironed out any bugs, so it’s as easy as possible for people to adopt. CRM Insights have been hugely helpful getting us up and running, and they’ve done a great job on GDPR for us. We feel pretty confident that it’s going to deliver what we need.


Mike’s initial presentation and responses to our questions were excellent. We found the process mapping day invaluable and Mike has been a pleasure to work with. He’s invested time in getting it right for us.


A men’s tailoring company needed to replace a legacy database with a new CRM system. CRM Insights specified and implemented a Workbooks solution bespoke to Norton & Townsend’s individual requirements.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Mike and his team. He impressed us from the initial presentation and the care and attention to detail that have gone into the whole process have inspired confidence.”

Richard Jupp