Unlocking data in multiple systems enables engineering firm to ramp up marketing and sales

Private equity investment enables ambitious growth plans

CME Automation Systems (CME) provides standard and bespoke machinery solutions, engineering services, and component support. Specialising in packaging and process automation, CME has crafted and deployed successful solutions for the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and tobacco sectors, serving clients globally.

In 2023 the business announced ambitious growth plans. To realise these objectives, the business increased investment in marketing and sales. This shift underscored a need to replace the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The firm was seeking to enhance its mailshot strategy to achieve more precise targeting. At the same time, the goal was to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team, along with refining the accuracy of sales forecasting.

“Previously, there was no real science behind the weighting of opportunities. A salesperson would state an estimate of closing - say 80% - and that’s what would be recorded. But we wanted to be more methodical in approach; to be able to determine when a sale was more likely to happen and to ensure salespeople are spending their time on the right opportunities.”
Ian Marks, Head of Sales Automation

Putting the right tools in place with support from the right partner

CME reviewed products available in the marketplace and settled on Workbooks CRM. As a Workbooks partner, CRM Insights was engaged to provide implementation support.

“I was impressed by CRM Insights' ability to work closely with us, understand the problems, drill into them, and come up with solutions using their knowledge and software skills and abilities.”
Ian Marks, Head of Sales Automation

Achieving sales team efficiency and effectiveness

The solution was much deeper than simply selecting and installing a product.

“Previously we were having to pull data from multiple spreadsheets and manually combine them to produce reports.Yet we found that out-of-the-box options didn’t work for us. We took on board best practice from CRM Insights and worked closely with them to craft the right solution for us, seeking to automate wherever possible.
Ian Marks, Head of Sales Automation

CRM Insights leveraged Workbooks CRM with Power BI to create a visual report to represent the sales pipeline in a bubble diagram. The report details win probabilities for each opportunity, automatically updating throughout the day. It now equips sales representatives with the ability to easily see and delve into specific opportunities, guiding their strategies and subsequent actions effectively.

“Sales forecasts now arrive automatically in people’s inboxes. This saves hours of laborious effort each week whilst bringing efficiency and effectiveness to the sales team. At the same time, it furnishes the senior leadership team and investors with a critical business report that we have utmost confidence in.”
 Ian Marks, Head of Sales Automation

The diagram below shows dummy data as a demonstration of the output. You can learn more about how this was achieved in our blog article: How to leverage CRM to improve your sales performance.

What’s coming next?

CME continues to work with CRM Insights to extract even greater value from its data by utilising Microsoft Power Automate to automate with the existing MRP system. The business wants to analyse the data held within the various systems to maximise sales opportunities. For example, is a customer becoming a key account based on spend? Are there a lot of parts going to one machine which might suggest a problem to analyse? Such analysis isn’t natively possible with the MRP system.

“Having more integrated systems offers many opportunities and is often a more realistic approach than implementing a monolithic solution. We look forward to continuing to explore the exciting opportunities for CME.”
 Don Wiid, Director, CRM Insights