Complexity simplified as Microsoft CRM swapped out for a better-fit solution in specialist construction firm

Courtcraft found Dynamics lacked the flexibility the business needed


We’re a sports flooring and squash courts construction company that’s been going for over 20 years. As well as building and refurbishing squash courts, we install timber floors for schools, leisure centres and commercial buildings. We have just under 10 staff, employ various subcontractors and turn over nearly £3m pa.

Alex Bell, Business Manager


Our legacy Microsoft Dynamics system, was not suited to our needs. Having evaluated a range of options, we settled on Workbooks based on cost, look and feel. We needed to migrate our existing data and configure the new system to make better use of the data available to us. We also needed to integrate an external lead generation system, which required some technical feasibility work. We needed flexibility regarding timescales and outlay. CRM Insights helpfully set out some intermediate milestones, to help manage time and costs.


The first migration went pretty smoothly and the integration worked. Some other needs emerged during this process, leading to some negotiation over time and costs. We had slightly different views on how to handle this, but CRM Insights worked hard to meet our expectations, striking a balance between the time involved and flexibility of approach and pricing.


The migration, integration and delivery all went well. Mike communicated very openly and explained things clearly. Our previous system was very manual, based around spreadsheets. The new system gives us much better information more quickly, helping us make better decisions. We probably need a year of using it, then some tweaks. The system is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require in depth training sessions. Going forward, we’d like CRM Insights to help us build a relationship with Workbooks, for the sake of long term security and support.


Mike did a great job in the initial phase to understand our business and work out how to meet our requirements. In contrast, the other company we saw, seemed uninterested in anything beyond securing a sale. Mike was keen to make a difference for our business. Given we had some cultural differences regarding treatment of time and charges, Mike proved very helpful and responsive to feedback. It’s proving a vital tool that’s core to our everyday business.


A specialist squash courts and timber flooring company used CRM Insights to replace Microsoft Dynamics with a Workbooks system better suited to its need for quality data to inform decisions.

“The new system is proving a vital tool in the everyday running of our business, enabling us to make better decisions faster. Mike’s been very helpful and responsive – he’s keen to make a difference for our business.” 

Alex Bell, Business Manager, Courtcraft