Implementation of a CRM system enables membership organisation to grow by 300%

Made in Britain - A small organisation with huge growth aspirations

Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community.

United through the use of a registered collective mark, it guarantees that members who meet the criteria are a British manufacturer.

The aspiration of the organisation is to reach every manufacturer in Britain and, through its collective mark and its code of conduct that members sign up to, to increase the provable quality of British manufacturing. This includes digital manufacturers too.

A benefit of membership is the support provided in the four core areas of: sales, marketing, exports and comms/PR.

The business was inefficient

To achieve its aspirations, the organisation needed to address the following challenges:

  • To identify who in its database of contacts was and was not a member
  • To enable growth through clearer identification of potential leads
  • To optimise business processes in readiness for the expected growth in British manufacturing

A significant element of business activity involves data gathering. However, lead generation was proving to be time consuming and inefficient. For example, following trade show visits, a lot of data crunching was required to identify potential prospects.

Another task requiting lots of data collection and analysis was the process for a member organisation to achieve mark approval. This requires around 120 data items. Initial attempts to do this with Excel proved fruitless as the spreadsheets ended up too complex.

The more Made in Britain learned about CRM, the more it became an obvious solution to these challenges.

It also became apparent that CRM can be a complex topic - one that they should not approach on their own! 

The solution

Made in Britain engaged CRM Insights to work alongside them, bringing expertise independent of any one product.

“What I like about CRM Insights is that, rather than tell you what to do, they help work through it with you. Their uniqueness is in their flexibility - no challenge is too complex for them! I’m confident they can help your business regardless of what it is.”
John Pearce, CEO

Following a Discovery Workshop the Workbooks product was recommended. CRM Insights made it clear that there were others, but that Workbooks was right for Made in Britain.

Where Workbooks proved to be a good fit was in its ability to be tailored to the exact needs of the organisation. 

“The CRM system sits somewhere between the brain and the heart. And a well-managed CRM helps to legitimise what Made in Britain does. It’s difficult for a trade body to justify not having professional systems, such as a CRM, in place. In fact, I can’t imagine the business without a CRM now!.”
John Pearce, CEO

>300% improvement

“When we started out on this journey, our total membership was only a few hundred. Now we have 1,400 and the economic value of our members has risen from £3bn to over £10bn. Moreover, in having a well-designed CRM system in place I am certain we can grow to 10,000 members in the future.”
John Pearce, CEO

Is your business still stuck trying to manage everything through Excel spreadsheets? 

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