111 spreadsheets reduced to a single, integrated CRM system

Thames Laboratories managed contacts in an increasingly convoluted way


When I started work here in February 2016, we had something like 111 separate Excel spreadsheets with lists of contacts. They were unsorted, not up to date and full of duplicates. We couldn’t manage our marketing effectively and the whole contact management process was time consuming and inefficient.

Hannah Pike, Marketing Co-ordinator


We asked CRM Insights to sort us out with a single, integrated system that’s easy to use and maintain. We’d already looked at Sage and decided that we needed something more user friendly to encourage maximum uptake among staff.


CRM Insights set us up with Workbooks. They merged and de-duped our many lists and integrated everything into one system. Once it was installed everything was good to go. They also ran training sessions for our staff and has provided excellent remote support when we need it.


It’s made a huge difference to our work. We really like the user-friendly, desktop feel- this makes it very straightforward to add new people. When we send out newsletters the response rates are all on there automatically. We’re able to track leads, manage quotations, assign and manage tasks, so much more easily than before. Our sales co-ordinator can now see exactly what’s in the pipeline and who needs to take action when. It’s made our approach to business development far more transparent and dynamic.


CRM Insights have been really helpful. They seem to know everything and are always on hand when you need them. Because Workbooks makes everything quick and easy, we’ve seen a massive improvement in efficiency. Thanks to the quality of the tracking data, we now have far greater confidence in how to generate the results we need.