Difficulty getting information out of the Sales-i system overcome with switch to Workbooks CRM

Stonegate Precision Tooling found itself outgrowing the incumbent Sales-i CRM 

Stonegate Precision Tooling (Stonegate) is a tooling and consumables supplier to stone fabricators. It works with its customers to develop new, innovative products, and to help make their workshops more productive.

The business has seen rapid growth. However, Sales-i, the CRM system previously in place, was not proving able to support this growth. It was difficult to get information out of the system, challenging to create reports, and it did not provide sales team visibility.

For example, it was difficult to get Sales-i to support real-time sales dashboards presented on large wall-mounted screens.

Sales-i also presented challenges for marketing.  Each time a mailing list was produced it resulted in different data. The eventual workaround being to use a different system altogether!

Finally, Sales-i was integrated with Sage 200, but getting the two systems to communicate proved clunky and did not meet the business needs. It became evident the business had outgrown Sales-i.

Identifying requirements and exploring options through a CRM Workshop

Having had prior experience with Workbooks, Stonegate's Head of Marketing and Communications, Peta Bean, recommended it be used in place of Sales-i. Its strength lying in its ability to be tailored to exact business processes.

As independent CRM consultants, Stonegate engaged CRM Insights to undertake a CRM Workshop. The workshop brought business leaders together to identify challenges and needs in detail, and to explore potential solutions.

“In the workshop we dug into what data was needed and why. Then we explored the many ways this data could be turned into useful information. Whilst everyone’s heads were blown by the end of the day, it provided a great basis from which to move forward.”
Peta Bean, Head of Marketing and Communications

Delivering transparency

The project came in earlier than expected, which included bespoke integration into Sage 200. As a result, Stonegate could see just what was possible working with CRM Insights.

Workbooks has now been in place for over a year and, with the support of CRM Insights, the business has continued to develop the solution to provide even greater capabilities.

“All email campaigns are now driven from Workbooks and mailing lists are continually up to date. Reporting on email campaigns can be tallied with resulting website traffic. Also sales team KPI’s are driven through Workbooks and projected onto our big screens. With sales call volumes shown throughout the day, there’s total transparency. This ensures accurate reporting against ambitious targets.“
Peta Bean, Head of Marketing and Communications

Tailoring customer communications to different groups

A key marketing ability Stonegate now has is contact segmentation. For example, customers who haven’t purchased in a while can be easily identified, and tailored email campaigns sent to re-engage them. In simple terms, Stonegate can better manage its customer relationships.

The biggest change is that I’m no longer looking at multiple spreadsheets! Everything is consistent and there’s confidence in the system and the data within it. When it comes to CRM Insights, they’ve never said ‘No’ to anything. It’s always, ‘Let’s have a look and see how we can develop it’. Then they find or develop solutions. As we grow as a company, Workbooks is growing with us. We can take it further, alongside the team at CRM Insights. That’s an exciting thing for us.“
Peta Bean, Head of Marketing and Communications

Have you outgrown your current CRM?

At CRM Insights we come across many organisations who have a CRM system implemented but are failing to get the value from it. Sometimes it just requires some appropriate configuration, or possibly even some user training. At other times, the existing CRM just isn't a good fit. 

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