Specialist event company switches from overly complex and expensive Salesforce to Workbooks

Reconnaissance International switches to Workbooks from Salesforce to ensured continued customer contact during the pandemic

CRM is not a one-size fits all, as specialist events company, Reconnaissance International, found out. Having previously chosen to use the Salesforce CRM solution, it found itself with a CRM system that was over-complex, expensive, created inefficiency and increased business risk as processes became reliant on a small number of individuals.

Of course, this situation is not simply a result of choosing SalesForce. To learn more about Reconnaissance International's journey, watch the video or read on below. 

Reconnaissance International  is a leading global conference organiser in the field of currency, authentication, holography, and id. 

Having previously chosen the SalesForce CRM solution, whilst comprehensive, it proved to be too advance, too complex, and too expensive for their needs. There was also recognition that the implementation had been over-engineered and become complex. 

"We were heavily reliant upon individuals who knew absolutely everything. If those people weren't around, we were a bit stuck."
Samantha Burns, Director of Business Development

A project was instigated to find an alternative solution. The project remit being to streamline the business, go back to basics, and simplify everything.

CRM Insights was engaged and initially undertook a Shares Success Workshop. before moving into a full implementation of the Workbooks CRM product. 

The Workbooks platform proved very easy to use.

"The staff will be much more capable of using workbooks in their daily jobs, rather than having to rely on Salesforce specialists like we had to in the past. 
For me [The transition to Workbooks] was a real pleasure. And it was great to work on a project whereby things were done properly, especially from a project base..
Philippe Sudan, Digital Media and Systems Manager

The implementation of Workbooks came just in time: 

We’ve been able to maintain customer contact throughout the pandemic and the past 12 months. For when we can all get back together again, and be face-to-face with customers, Workbooks has helped us maintain our position in a very difficult time.
Samantha Burns, Director of Business Development

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