Customised CRM system leads to new sales opportunities

Pro Enviro uncovers new sales opportunities through CRM


We’re a consultancy business that’s been established for 28 years and has seven staff. Based in Rugby, we help manufacturing businesses to manage their energy consumption and become more energy efficient. I joined early in 2017 to create new sales opportunities. We didn’t have a CRM, so I spent a lot of time researching and exploring systems before settling on Workbooks as an easy to use, cost effective solution.


We don’t have anyone leading on IT – we outsource all our needs – so I was keen to have a UK based organisation that could support me in managing the set up and implementation. I found CRM Insights via the Workbooks’ website and tasked them with helping me lead the process.


Mike and his team have provided a really efficient and helpful service. They’re quick to respond and they’re realistic about what they can and can’t do – they don’t profess to be miracle workers. As well as supporting the implementation, they’ve worked with us to create reports and to help our staff get to grips with the new system.


Working with CRM Insights has been quick and simple – I couldn’t have done this on my own. They’ve helped us create quite a bespoke system, with a very Pro Enviro look and feel. This made a significant difference when selling it in to the management team. There have been one or two minor issues along the way, but overall, they’ve been very helpful and very easy to work with. Plus, they’re a nice bunch. Without them we would have felt isolated and would have struggled to have the confidence to get things done in the way we wanted.


They’re reliable. For a small team, their speed of response is remarkable, and their approach is exactly what we wanted. It’s important to us to work with organisations that aren’t going to rip us off and that are responsive and supportive – they fit the bill. And I like the fact that we can use their monthly retainer flexibly.