Growth constraints lifted as Excel spreadsheets replaced with a tailored CRM

The JGA Group found itself constrained by the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

The JGA Group provides apprenticeships, career support and vocational training across a range of industries, such as the UK government and global corporates like Amazon. The business has been growing in both its core and new markets.

As a small team, it had been able to rely on Microsoft Excel to manage its sales pipeline. However, this was becoming more and more difficult and was stifling the firm's ability to grow.

For example, tracking activities was proving clumsy. It was difficult to keep on top of what needed to happen next with an opportunity. And for the leadership team, there was a lack of overall visibility.  

With a business strategy of targeting niche training areas, the number of clients was only set to increase, as too was the breadth of services on offer.

At the same time, due to ways in which apprenticeships are funded, there is little control over pricing. Therefore, productivity of the individual salesperson is paramount to profit.

"We found ourselves asking: How can we make sales more effective?”
Maria Harris, Marketing Projects Director

Choosing the right CRM System

With an experienced sales team, there was recognition that the time was right to invest in a CRM system. However, a challenge in choosing the right system was the complexity of the business processes.

For example, apprenticeships are funded via a Levy. This creates an unusual scenario wherein The JGA Group invoices the government rather than clients. In support of this, a lot of data must be captured on learners, such as the courses undertaken and levels of progress.

It was felt that these complex requirements were unlikely to be met by an off-the-shelf solution.

“Out of the box Workbooks CRM provides a great start, and it’s an easy tool to use.”
Maria Harris, Marketing Projects Director

Workbooks CRM brings business-wide benefits

The ultimate aim in implementing the CRM system was to enable growth through freeing up capacity within the existing sales team. Essentially, to achieve more with the same headcount.

“The sales team can now easily see what’s going on with their accounts and, as a result, can be more effective at selling. We’ve been able to standardise business processes and off-load many mundane administrative activities from them. As business leaders, having greater visibility as to what’s going on ensures we can make better business decisions. Now, not only is our sales team more efficient and effective, but we’re ready and able to move into new markets.”
Maria Harris, Marketing Projects Director

Is your business growth constrained by Excel spreadsheets?

Rest assured that you're not alone! Most businesses start out using Excel. It's only as the business grows that it's limitations become apparent. The good news is that there is a better way.

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