CRM enables skin care business to gain market insight and workforce efficiency

Dermatonics was experiencing inefficiency due to reliance on spreadsheets


Dermatonics began around 20 years ago. It supplies heel balm, for dry and cracked skin, to the NHS and pharmacies across the UK. As well as three full time staff it has sales reps on the road, targeting GP surgeries.

We were using lots of spreadsheets to review and record a huge volume of data about prescription sales. We didn’t have any efficient way to keep track of what we’d done and who we’d seen. So, we had lots of information, but little of the intelligence we need to grow our business. The process we were using to keep on top of data was repetitive, tedious and time consuming.


We looked at Sage and Salesforce before deciding on Workbooks through CRM Insights. We chose it on the basis it would give us the flexibility we needed, plus the capability to deal to handle our millions of lines of data. So, we commissioned Mike and his team to provide us with a customised Workbooks solution from scratch.


It was a very collaborative, engaging and informative process. We had a couple of initial sessions where we explored the challenges and potential ways forward on flipcharts and drawings. Mike was very thorough and methodical. We also felt a strong sense of ownership of the process – we were never dictated to.


We’ve only recently gone live, but it’s fantastic to be getting the more tailored reports and greater functionality. We had a work experience student in to help us input data – he found the system easy and intuitive.


CRM Insights have been professional and flexible. We’ve given them some headaches by moving goal posts as we’ve gone along, but they’ve responded brilliantly. Their straightforward, down to earth approach inspires a high level of trust and confidence. Also, they manage to explain very technical challenges and processes without resorting to incomprehensible jargon. As a result, it’s all felt straightforward and pretty painless.   I’d gladly recommend them to any business looking for similar advice and support.


A supplier of dermatological products needed a CRM system from scratch, to replace endless spreadsheets and give them clear business intelligence. CRM Insights provided a solution using Workbooks that is able to handle millions of lines of data efficiently.

“Working with Mike and his team has been very easy and straightforward. They were patient, flexible and explained technical processes in plain English. I’d certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a cost effective CRM solution.” 

Tom Waughman