Mandy wins Growth Community Ambassador of the Year!

Once…, twice…., three times a finalist! 

He won’t be upset if I tell you, but our Marketing Manager was a bit sceptical when it comes to awards. He was of the view that most of them seem to be paid for now days, and seldom do they recognise people and firms for their actual merits. 

Sceptical, that is, until last year when we won both Best CRM Consulting Firm and CRM Consultants of the Year. So you can imagine how excited I was to share with him that I was nominated as a finalist in not one, but 3 awards from the The Growth Community.

They included: 

  • Network Master 
  • Member of the year
  • Growth Community Ambassador of the Year

And I promised our Marketing Manager that I didn’t even buy so much as a cup of coffee to get nominated!

I’m even more delighted to say that I was awarded the Growth Community Ambassador of the Year award at a ceremony in Doncaster last week.

Let’s hope this amazing start to the year is the beginning of another fantastic year of delivering fantastic work for our clients, educating our audience, and achieving recognition.