CRM exposes customer experience improvement opportunities

Nene Park Trust - Delivering a bold and ambitious 30-year masterplan

Nene Park Trust is a charity established over 30 years ago. It holds responsibility for managing 1,700 acres of fantastic green space in and around Peterborough. From agriculture to city and everything in between.

The organisation has a team of 50, of which half are park rangers, education and activities staff. The remainder focus on marketing, fundraising and customer care.

As an organisation there are lots of activities and services to coordinate, including:

  • Events
  • A water sports centre
  • Parking
  • A visitor centre
  • Volunteering
  • And many, many more

Presently there is no central coordination of these activities. For example, it’s not possible to determine if a volunteer also goes to events, or if an event attendee becomes a regular visitor, and so on.

The Trust has been managing contacts solely through Excel spreadsheets, but these are cumbersome; they do not scale to meet the capabilities needed, nor exploit the opportunities available; and they make GDPR compliance burdensome. Existing customer communications are therefore disparate at best. Yet without intelligent customer insight, the Trust cannot maximise its opportunities.

With the Trust currently delivering a bold and ambitious 30-year masterplan - which runs through to 2050 - there is recognition that better tools are required.

CRM Discovery Day

The leadership team knew that a CRM system could give them the customer insights needed, but they didn’t know where to start.

An initial conversation with CRM Insights led to a CRM Discovery Day. During the Discovery Day the Trust was able to:

  • Identify each and every contact point with a customer to understand where CRM can help
  • Explore touch points for cross-selling and up-selling – for example, offering a water sports attendee discounts to park events
  • Evaluate the potential to improve the customer experience through automation, such as event reminder notifications and post-event feedback
  • Prioritise the organisation’s requirements to maximise any future investment in a CRM system and provide the earliest possible return on investment
"I learned that it’s so much more than just buying a bit of software - it’s different ways of working! For the CRM system to become part of our daily routine, we will need people to be brought into the whole concept. To undergo business process change, and to provide training. CRM Insights made it so much easier to look through the different options. We really appreciated the way they weren’t trying to sell a system and shoehorn our requirements into it."
Adrian Oates, Head of Fundraising and Marketing

A confident future

As the Trust moves forward in its CRM journey it now has the confidence that its requirements have been well thought through and structured.

"Once we have a CRM in place, I expect us to be much more organised and efficient. We’ll have the ability to communicate with customers in the broadest sense. To give the people who enjoy the park as much as they do a better, more tailored experience. And I expect this will give them a better feeling about the park in general.”
Adrian Oates, Head of Fundraising and Marketing

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