Which CRM

Which CRM is right for your business?

Choosing a CRM system is a daunting task.

Not only are there many hundreds of different systems available, but how do you determine your exact business needs, and how do you translate your business needs into the features, terminology and language of a software vendor?

Without an understanding of what’s possible, how can you be sure you’re maximising the opportunity a CRM can bring, and not simply automating existing out-of-date and inefficient processes?

Just as important, how can you be sure that the vendor accurately understands your needs, and is being wholly honest in their promises that the system can meet your requirements?

A correctly chosen and implemented CRM can provide huge tangible business value and return on investment.

Conversely, make the wrong decision and not only do you risk wasting time and money, but you risk demotivating your sales team and even losing your star performers!

Let’s cut to the chase.

We’ve made it our business to ensure that your business can make a success of CRM!

As independent CRM consultants, we’ve evaluated over 50 different systems and we’re confident that the majority of business needs can be met by either Workbooks or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Incidentally, if we think your business is in that rare group that won’t be served by either of those solutions, we’ll be the first to tell you!

The question now is, are you ready to engage experts to help you make CRM a success, or are you going to take a risk and try and do it yourself? As Dirty Harry would say, Do you feel lucky… Punk?