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How to migrate from ACT!

As a CRM consultancy, we often get contacted by companies looking to migrate away from ACT! to a more modern CRM system. Initially released in 1987, ACT! was a more sophisticated contact management product. It emerged at a time when Customer Relationship Management (CRM) wasn’t yet a recognised software category. However, in today’s competitive CRM […]


People aren’t using the CRM – Is it due to the wrong product, or the wrong deployment approach?

Too often people blame the product and not the project! At CRM Insights we’ve helped a lot of people switch to a different CRM system. At the same time, we’ve probably helped a similar number to avoid switching by maximising the value of the system that they already have in place. One of the reasons that people […]


Have you outgrown your CRM? (and why you should migrate from GoldMine CRM)

Migrate from GoldMine CRM? Are you serious?Back in 2008 I had to make a difficult decision. After many, many years invested in GoldMine, it was finally time to move on. To migrate from GoldMine CRM. A decision I didn't take lightly!  My relationship with Goldmine had been a long one. I’d written (and sold internationally) add-on […]

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