Support & Maintain

This service is designed to keep your users motivated by solving issues quickly, while incorporating new ideas into the overall design.

We’ve seen it many times: Businesses spend huge amounts of money on a system. Then some minor requirements is not added in a reasonable time-frame. This leads to users keeping data in spreadsheets because it gives them the flexibility they need. This situation quickly escalates and problems increase exponentially if there are more users involved. Ultimately, it leads to a CRM system being used as a glorified address book. Think of all the horsepower going to waste, and never mind the initial investment!

With a support and maintenance service from a trusted CRM partner, you can:

  • Outsource the CRM maintenance function confidently, rather than rely on an internal resource who may leave with all the knowledge in their head
  • Address niggles early, thereby keeping your users on-side, and the CRM system used efficiently
  • With training programmes, decrease the time it takes for new users to become familiar and productive
  • Through regular system reviews, make sure that the system accurately reflects business processes
  • When the business pivots into another direction, have your CRM partner on hand to advise on CRM changes needed