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This service helps you, through a series of workshops, to make sure your CRM initiative delivers return on investment, and has the best chance of success.

When embarking on a CRM journey, there are a number of key strategic decisions to be made:

  • Which departments should we involve?
  • What other systems should we integrate with?
  • How big an investment will be needed to ensure the initiative delivers ROI?
  • Which CRM system is right for us?
  • Our employees are mavericks; how will we get them to use the system?

Using our strategy and design service, you will enable you to:

  • Develop a CRM blueprint and determine realistic costs before taking the plunge
  • Communicate the objectives to the whole organisation, thereby giving the CRM initiative the best chance of success
  • Determine your MVP (Minimum Viable Phase), and understand which features and integrations will deliver the most benefit for the lowest cost.
  • Engage key stakeholders, making sure there is project sponsorship and support from top-level management.
  • Reduce the risk of
    • Project cost overruns
    • Project delays and overruns
    • Abandoning the project
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