8 Reasons Why A CRM Is Important

8 Reasons Why A CRM Is Important

8 Reasons Why CRM Could Benefit Your Business

You can’t keep on top of customer calls

Forget post it notes and scraps of paper, have all your customer enquiries in one place

Your existing spreadsheets can no longer cope

We often find companies with lots of spreadsheets none of which are actively managed

You don’t have a clear picture of your sales pipeline

Wouldn’t it be great to see what enquiries you have in the pipeline at the flick of a switch

Your marketing budget isn’t delivering, but you don’t know why

Overcome the 50% of our marketing is working but we are not sure which 50%

You are leaving money on the table

By knowing your customers better ensure that all sales opportunities are exploited

Your customer data is in several people’s heads, not all in one place

With a CRM all your information is stored in one place, with access rights controlling who can view

Your email marketing campaigns are barely producing any leads

Open rates and Click Through Rates (CTR’s) can be significantly improved through CRM

Your sales and accounting processes don’t work together effectively

Integrating marketing, sales, customer service and accounts has definite business benefits

Spend your Marketing budget wisely

An effective CRM doesn’t just enable you to keep track of your customers, calls and prospects. It helps you decide how, when and where to spend your marketing budget cost effectively. Armed with a 360 degree picture of your customer relationships, you and your team can:

  • Manage your contacts more effectively.
  • Target your prospects with offers that are relevant and timely.
  • Ensure existing customers feel valued and looked after.

CRM is particularly powerful when it’s integrated with your email marketing, to build a picture of responses over time. From this your sales team can see what individual customers are most interested in and manage their calls accordingly.

An effective CRM system gives you the control you need, to grow your business at the pace you want.

Do any of these resonate with you?

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