Solving Poor User Adoption

One of the many reasons a CRM strategy fails is poor user adoption. As you may have read in out CRM Surgery, there are ways to diagnose the underlying issue as to why your systems hasn’t been adopted successfully.

If you have the correct system in place, with the right data and workflow processes, it may be that your workforce hasn’t bought into the solution you’ve implemented.

We use the following diagram to identify where members of your team fit to help identify areas of strength and weakness.


The lower half of the Attitude versus Aptitude diagram describes people who are weak in their ability to assess a situation, often reacting to the situation based on what they perceive. Their aptitude is strongly affected by their attitude. It is those in the top half that are the rational thinkers.

It’s important to have a mix of these people, but even more important to understand their thought process and ability to adapt and accept change.

How to increase adoption

To help you determine the right solution for you, we provide a consultative service to help you choose the right path for your business. We work with you to understand your business and its processes.

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We’ve also created a variety of workshops to help businesses just like yours – Helping those struggling to deploy a successful CRM strategy. In the situation, whereby you’re struggling with adoption, we’d recommend a CRM Readiness Workshop. During this workshop, a senior CRM implementer will help you work out the impact of:

  • A good CRM sponsor
  • Your company culture
  • Employees’ attitude and aptitude
  • Power / influence grid
  • The so-called ‘learning dip’, following the commissioning of a new system
  • Force field analysis, to determine which features will drive or hinder the project
  • Following this, we help develop a change strategy for your business, including a high-level communication plan to ensure everyone in the business is positively engaged with the initiative.

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