Email Marketing

Our experience in sales, marketing and customer service, along with our technical knowledge puts us in the ideal position to offer our customers with a bespoke managed email marketing service.

The CRM Insights email marketing service consists of three elements: Design, Data and Deployment.

Email design

We will produce your designs and code the HTML in a way to maximise both readability and deliverability for improved results. We will check and re-check with you to ensure we get everything just right.

Data segmentation

We will help you create a marketing list from multiple data sources and if necessary, we will segment your data to ensure your communication is only sent to relevant recipients.


We will test the code through ten enterprise grade server-side filters as well as over twenty-five inbox emulators (to make sure the code is being rendered consistently). We recommend device-responsive designs so that regardless of the device used, you can be sure of excellent and predictable rendering of your message.


We use two different software platforms for deploying your email newsletters depending on how integrated you want to be. We are highly experienced in getting the most from both platforms – in the shortest time.
We can provide a ‘design only’ service for our customers who already have a system in place but just need some templates building for their specific needs.

For more information get in touch with us on 01733 902340 or email us