CRM Consultancy

Every business is different. A recruitment business needs to store details of candidates and jobs; an IT Services business needs to store details of hardware devices. By creating data entities that match the sector you operate in, you will give the CRM initiative much more chance of being successful.

To help you determine the right CRM for you, we provide consultations to ensure you choose the right path for your business. We work with you to understand your business and its processes. We’re then able to provide recommendations on how to optimise your business operations. Get the process side of your business right, and you will be much more efficient. This in turn will make your customers happy and save money – typically the salary of one administrative employee in small businesses and MUCH more in large businesses.

Configuration and Planning

As part of our CRM consultancy service, we go through a process of configuration and planning to ensure the CRM solution you choose is the right one.

Business process analysis and design

We work with you to determine how your processes work now and how you’re able to optimise them to save you vital time and money. The outputs include diagrams that you can use to quickly get new employees trained and familiar with how your business works.

Customer journeys

By mapping a customer journey, you’ll understand where the bottlenecks are and where there is scope for improving the customer experience.

Workflow design

Closely related to process design, workflow is all about automating routine tasks. If you cannot afford to forget a certain event, a workflow can automate a reminder, for example.

Security model design

Determine which records will be accessible by people in different departments and how sales people’s territories are defined you can manage the access rights within a CRM system.

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