How to find your missing profits

If you've been using a CRM system for any amount of time you've probably forgotten about what life was like beforehand!

For CRM Insights client, RVS Car Service, the short answer is that things were less profitable!

You see, before a CRM system was in place, RVS found itself in what we refer to as Spreadsheet Hell! It's where a business finds itself with multiple different software tools, and the only way to create any useful business intelligence is to export data then import it into Excel. 

And, as great as spreadsheets are, this approach gives rise to numerous business risks and constraints. Not least the fact that a spreadsheet can only be accessed by one person at a time. 

Combined with the challenges of disparate systems, RVS also had a lot of manual and paper-based processes. This is a common challenge for businesses as they grow. 

Through implementing a CRM system RVS was able to undergo a digital transformation. 

In this webinar CRM Director, Mike Basketter, discusses the project and the changes brought about by it. This includes a 33% increase in turnover for RVS!

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