Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation

We have a great deal of experience working with numerous CRM software solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft CRM is often the CRM of choice to many as it has a user interface they’re familiar with.

To ensure your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is adopted successfully by your workforce, we follow our tried and tested implementation process. By working closely with you and your team we’re able to design and deploy a solution with minimal disruption.

Dynamics CRM Implementation Process

Successful adoption of a CRM solution relies upon the initial implementation process. It requires everyone within your organisation to be on-board and to understand the true benefits a CRM solution can bring about. Therefore, each of the following steps are as vital as the next…


Once you’ve chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM as your solution, we go through a thorough planning phase. By working closely with you, we’re able to map out your existing processes and provide recommendations on how to streamline them. Following this, we draw up a detailed plan of how we will implement the software successfully with minimal disruption to your business.


We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we’re able to customise and develop Dynamics CRM to reflect the way your business works. We install and configure Dynamics CRM to the specifications outlined during the planning and design phase. Once the system is in place we’re able to import your existing data or migrate it from you previous system and carry out testing before you go live with your new CRM solution. To ensure deployment is smooth and successful, we help you manage the change within your company, devising a plan for either a staggered roll out to departments or company-wide “go live”.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a user friendly, however it’s also a solution with a vast amount of capabilities, as such we recommend investing in training. Training your workforce to use Dynamics CRM correctly will ensure the data you collect and manage remains of good quality, it will encourage user adoption and enable you to maximise the benefits of utilising the solution fully. It also helps mitigates the risks and costs associated with a CRM implementation. What’s more, all of our training courses are tailored to your needs.


We are dedicated to ensuring you’re able to maximise the benefits of your CRM solutions, which is why we provide a range of support services as well as technical support.

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