Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics CRM is an incredibly powerful CRM system. It can scale to 150,000 concurrent users and billons of records. Its strength is that it provides a point-and-click framework for mapping your business processes very accurately. With built-in dashboards and mobile/tablet enabled interfaces, it provides data for everyone, everywhere. Microsoft Dynamics excels where there are complicated requirements that are not easily modelled with standard CRM functions like sales, marketing and service. For example, the NHS might have as dashboard that shows empty beds by geography. Ideal for businesses with critical processes, needing to consolidate a confusing array of spreadsheets, databases and bespoke systems.

Reasons you might choose Dynamics CRM

  • Native integration with Microsoft Office, including Outlook
  • Flexible deployment: On your own servers, or in the cloud
  • Real-time business intelligence through dashboards
  • Flexible and scalable architecture – adaptable to any situation
  • Built-in workflow capability, to help automate business processes
  • Application Programmers Interface (API), that enables integration with other systems

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