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Having worked with a huge variety of businesses over the last ten years, we know four things are critical to the success of your project:

  • Selecting a system that’s easy for your team to use
  • Phasing the implementation at a pace that works for you
  • Harnessing the CRM enthusiasts on your team to bring others on board
  • Using your CRM to get the most from your marketing budget

We work with you to get these right. We also offer flexible payment plans, long term support and unrivalled technical expertise.

We combine a healthy curiosity with technical expertise and a caring, friendly, approach. It’s a combination that’s making us the ‘go to’ CRM partner for SMEs in the East of England.

How we work:

Free Consultation

To ensure implementation is successful we work with you to find the right solution for your needs. To begin this process, we provide you with a free consultation. This enables us to get to know you, your business and your current workflows.

Discovery Audit

Following the initial consultation, we conduct an audit. This addresses the potential improvements that can be made through successful implementation of a CRM solution. We then analyse the results and propose a solution based around what requirements you have now and what you may need in the future.


We work closely with you to design a system whereby your business processes are accurately reflected in your CRM system. We create workflow diagrams, to help you spot bottlenecks and enable you to prioritise elements earmarked for improvement in order to save you and your workforce time, as well as money.


Our aim is to help you choose and implement the right CRM as quickly, painlessly and cost effectively as possible. For this reason, we implement your new CRM solution around you and business, to ensure minimal disruption and downtime. We can also integrate different systems you’re currently using into your chosen CRM solution.


We provide extensive training to ensure you and your workforce can work smarter and be more efficient, so you never miss a lead again. We help you monitor trends and increase your ROI through effective management of customer data.

Ongoing Support

It’s vital to us that you are completely satisfied, which is we approach every client with the aim of becoming a reliable, long-term partner.

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