Vanity Metrics in Sales [Webinar]

Just what are vanity metrics in sales?

Put simply, they're the little lies that we tell ourselves.

The problem is, like most little lies, they can soon become big ones! 

In this webinar - delivered on behalf of Sales Innovation Expo as a part of their Sales innovation Digital Series of online learning - CRM Insights Director, Mike Basketter, explores vanity metrics. Specifically, he covers:

  • Why have sales metrics and how to get them?
  • The difference between a lead and an opportunity
  • What vanity metrics are, and the damage they can cause
  • Examples of helpful sales metrics
  • How to use conversion metrics

Mike's talk begins at 22m22s. He's also followed by a Q&A session with Mandy Allen, Business Relationship Manager at CRM Insights. 

If you want to learn more about vanity metrics in sales, how to avoid them, and learn the exact metrics you should be using to measure your sales effectiveness, then fill out the form below to gain instant access to the replay...


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