Sales Health Check [Webinar]

How healthy is your sales pipeline?

In this free webinar CRM Insights director, Mike Basketter, joins Alex Bradley, Head of Sales at Workbooks, to discuss the importance of the sales pipeline.

Specifically, given the current economic climate, they discuss:

  1. How to review your current sales processes and where to start with introducing new ones
  2. How to ensure people stick to the processes you've laid out - especially if they've been on a break such as being furloughed
  3. What changes you should be making right now to put you in good stead for the future
  4. How to make more informed decisions

Here are a dozen key points discussed in the session:

  • How some companies think the sales process is simply quotation, when it's invariably a whole lot more.
  • The sales process and whether 17 stages are too many?
  • Why sales activities, such as a meeting, do not always equal a sales process step
  • Why culture is as important as the software you choose!
  • How to keep people following the process once defined
  • Are you herding cats or aiming to fire with impunity? The carrot or the stick - which to use and when
  • Reporting is like the layers of an onion - it's an iterative process. The magical reporting insights take time (and data) to materialise
  • The 4 ways to improve sales: 1. Increase opportunities; 2. Increase the value of opportunities; 3. Accelerating the sales cycles - close quicker; 4. Improve conversion rates
  • Forecasting by stage or status
  • Losing the rose coloured glasses with weighted pipeline reports
  • Driving sales meetings with a CRM driven sales dashboard
  • The law of replacement and how to determine the required number of opportunities
  • Analysing your wins and losses to help overcome resistance to CRM from the sales team

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