Demystifying Marketing Automation [Webinar]

Just what is Marketing Automation all about?

It's quite simple - in this webinar we demystify Marketing Automation.

This in-depth webinar covers:

  • Understand Marketing Automation
    • What marketing automation is
    • The difference between marketing automation and CRM
  • Before you automate
    • The 3 big marketing mistakes
    • How to develop your marketing strategy
  • Designing your marketing plan
    • A 5-step approach to developing an effective marketing plan
    • 6 practical examples of marketing automation
  • Marketing Rulebook
    • 6 marketing rules to follow

If you're considering implementing marketing automation, or if you already have but know that you've only just scratched the surface or perhaps you're failing to see any benefit yet, then this webinar should prove eye-opening!

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