Implement Transition

With this service, we help you get your chosen system configured, and help you transition to a highly efficient, customer-centric organisation

It is theoretically possible for technically minded people to learn how to configure a CRM system. The reality is that without the CRM experience how would you know:

  • Is the system capable of delivering a particular requirement?
  • Is there a native way to achieve a required function, or is a plugin (custom written code) necessary?
  • How should a sales pipeline be configured?
  • What reports will I need to enable business leaders to achieve actionable insights?
  • If you plan and implement a process in a sub-optimal way and train all the staff, what is the cost of getting it wrong?
  • What type of documentation should we create in order to make sure all users are fully engaged?

CRM Insights has encountered multiple situations with hundreds of customers, spanning 25 years. That enables us to recommend approaches that are tried and tested. In addition, we help to:

  • Create new fields with the correct data types for efficient reporting
  • Prepare record layouts in a clear and logical manner
  • Migrate data from previous systems – accurately, efficiently, and without any downtime
  • Train users, making sure they are fully engaged and can see the benefits of the system
  • Transition your business to a highly efficient, customer-centric organisation
  • Keep track of the overall project, helping you manage costs and reduce risk of budget overruns and project abandonment