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CRM enables skin care business to gain market insight and workforce efficiency

Company: Dermatonics
Industry: Skin Care
Product: Workbooks

“Working with Mike and his team has been very easy and straightforward. They were patient, flexible and explained technical processes in plain English. I’d certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a cost-effective CRM solution.” Tom Waughman, sales coordinator
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CRM solution overcomes disparate data, caused by business acquisition

Company: Norton & Townsend
Industry: Textile manufacturing
Product: Workbooks

"It’s been a pleasure working with Mike and his team. He impressed us from the initial presentation and the care and attention to detail that have gone into the whole process have inspired confidence.” Richard Jupp, Head of Operations
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Greater sales pipeline visibility results in confident and effective sales team thanks to smooth transition from GoldMine to Workbooks

Company: Proactive AV
Industry: Technology
Product: Workbooks

"Working with CRM Insights has been a very positive experience. The team know what they’re doing and we have a great relationship. Having them available on an ongoing support contract is invaluable. Thankfully, tracking our sales activity on Excel spreadsheets is now a thing of the past!” Jayne Birks, Director
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