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Situation When I started work here in February 2016, we had something like 111 separate Excel spreadsheets with lists of contacts. They were unsorted, not up to date and full of duplicates. We couldn’t manage our marketing effectively and the whole contact management process was time consuming and inefficient. Task We asked CRM Insights to sort us out with a single, integrated system that’s easy to use and maintain. We’d already looked at Sage and decided that
Situation We wanted to replace our existing CRM system (ACT), which we’d had for a number of years. Because we have a range of outposted staff, our server based system no longer worked for us. We tried upgrading to ACT’s cloud system but that was a disaster. I spoke to a range of providers and then one of my contacts recommended Mike. Task We needed a new system and wanted to migrate data across from
Situation We’ve been going for 150 years and now employ nearly 30 people with a turnover of around three million pounds. Our team provides a range of services to national contractors and developers. Task We were finding it increasingly difficult to track clients and projects on Excel spreadsheets. It’s confusing, tricky and doesn’t give you a proper overview. We considered free trials of systems such as Salesforce, but soon realised they didn’t fit our specific
Situation We’d been through a few CRM systems – including GoldMine and Microsoft CRM – over about 10 years. To be honest, we weren’t very happy with any of them. We have to cater for very specific needs and processes, which are quite complex. Our team was growing increasingly frustrated by the previous systems, which were slow and inefficient. There was a risk they’d bypass them altogether, resulting in lost data and orders. Task We
Situation We’re a specialist engineering firm that supplies conveyor systems for food factories, plus stainless steel swimming pools and moving pool floors for hotels, leisure centres and private properties. We’re nearly 30 years old, have c50 staff and a turnover of around £5m. We recently became the UK distributor for Natare, a leading US pool manufacturer. Task The sales process for swimming pools is often tied in with major building projects, so it can involve


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