Start-up grows from 3 people to nearly 100 in a year – enabled by an optimised CRM

Green Jellyfish, being a fledgling business, had the opportunity to get CRM right from the off

Research and Development Tax Credits (R&D Tax Credits) are a UK tax incentive designed to encourage companies to invest in R&D. 

However, many companies aren’t aware that some of their activities may constitute R&D, and that tax credits can therefore be claimed. This leads to missed opportunities. Particularly as it can be tricky to determine what does and doesn’t apply, and to navigate the claims process. 

This is where experts like Green Jellyfish come in.

From the pandemic came opportunity

During the pandemic, organisations across many industries found themselves with available time and an appetite to invest in R&D activities. This proved to be an opportune moment to start Green Jellyfish. A new business which grew rapidly from 3 employees to nearly 100 in less than a year!

As a new business, Green Jellyfish wasn’t hampered by stale processes or people resistant to new ways of working. From the very beginning the business adopted the Workbooks CRM product, which was integrated with the accounting software, Xero, and the Practice Management solution, CCH Central from Wolters Kluwer.

However, what Green Jellyfish wanted to discover was the hidden opportunities that using a CRM system could provide.

Choosing the right CRM product and implementation partner

Following referral from Workbooks CRM, Green Jellyfish engaged CRM Insights to assist in this quest.

“CRM Insights enabled us to unlock a lot of things in Workbooks CRM that we'd have had no idea how to do. They made us aware of the potential of using APIs for integration. For example, when we raise an invoice in Xero, the information is automatically updated in Workbooks CRM. 
We’ve also had custom scripts written to ensure we had an optimised business from the outset.”
Charlie Maylin, Systems Analyst

Success one step at a time

Rather than the CRM itself being a big change project, CRM Insights has focused on lots of small developments which have brought an oversized impact. Examples include:

  • Moving invoices from CCH to be produced in Workbooks CRM, thereby decreasing invoice production effort by two thirds.
  • Integrating with 3rd party anti-money laundering services for Trust ID
  • Integrating with the cloud-based proposal system, Practice Ignition

CRM Insights created bespoke reports within Workbooks CRM from which much of the Green Jellyfish business can be managed.

And with all sales opportunities and client R&D claims logged directly into the CRM, the inclusion of the claim value enables fees to be easily determined.

CRM does so much more!

“For Green Jellyfish, the Workbooks CRM product goes beyond just contact and lead management. We can manage business transactions, such as invoicing and quoting, along with marketing and sales activities.
As to CRM Insights, we can’t fault them!”
Charlie Maylin, Systems Analyst

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