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We’re a specialist engineering firm that supplies conveyor systems for food factories, plus stainless steel swimming pools and moving pool floors for hotels, leisure centres and private properties. We’re nearly 30 years old, have c50 staff and a turnover of around £5m. We recently became the UK distributor for Natare, a leading US pool manufacturer.


The sales process for swimming pools is often tied in with major building projects, so it can involve multiple communications and conversations over a 12-18 month period. Previously, we were managing this on a rather informal basis, led by one salesperson. As we expand, we need a robust CRM process to help us track projects, ensuring they’re effectively managed and that leads are followed up efficiently.


We looked at various alternatives such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, before settling on Workbooks CRM. We like the product – it’s simple, straightforward and flexible. Having chosen Workbooks, CRM Insights was recommended by our marketing agency.

We spent some time getting to know Don and Mike, to ensure there was a good fit and that they fully understood our particular needs. As part of this, they ran a two day workshop with our pools team to get their input. Then Mike came back with a proposal and we decided to go ahead.

We had a kick-off meeting to establish the requirements and then adopted an agile, iterative approach to building as we go. It’s live on the pool sales side and we’ve integrated it with our lead and enquiries system. It’s been quick – about four to six weeks so far.


We’ve got a remote salesperson on the south coast whose work is now much more integrated with the wider team. We’ve got a clear overview of leads and follow up capacity. Most importantly, with an expanded sales team, we’re no longer reliant on what one person can hold in his head.


Mike and Don really took the time to listen to, explore and understand our needs. Their approach is flexible and specific to us – it’s not a one size fits all solution.

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