Sales Pipeline visibility

Tell me, does this sound like you or your sales team?

  • There’s always the promise of a monster sales opportunity just around the corner, but it seldom fails to materialise
  • Sales meetings are irregular and lack clear objectives and outcomes
  • It’s difficult to easily determine what the sales people are working on, with knowledge of deals only arising when they close, often putting you on the back foot with delivery schedules
  • You’re convinced some sales people are not pulling their weight, but you’ve no accurate data to prove it
  • Forecasts beyond the next 3 or 6 months are works of fiction, leaving sales managers and directors to carry the can
  • Unpredictable fluctuation in sales puts cashflow pressure on the business and leaves little room to manoeuvre

If this does sound like you, then you’d benefit from greater sales pipeline visibility – a core capability of ay good CRM.

With the right CRM correctly implemented, configured, and business processes adapted, you’d…

  • Run efficient sales meetings as all sales information would be contained and readily available
  • Model excellence by being able to hold up your top-performing sales people as the gold standard
  • Accurately identify which of your sales people are struggling and need greater support (or a career conversation!)
  • Increase sales and revenue, whilst reducing the sales cycle, and being better prepared for post sale delivery