Is your critical customer data at risk because it’s in a spreadsheet created by Bob from the sales team?

You remember Bob – he left the organisation 12 months ago!

And, since he wasn’t an IT guy, he didn’t document what he’d created or how it works, but the business is now wholly reliant on that spreadsheet.

Look, we’ve seen it all before. From the smallest business to global behemoths. The fact is, spreadsheets are just too good.

But there comes a time when the risks and inflexibility of spreadsheets can no longer be tolerated.

When frustration builds as multiple team members can’t access data and update it at the same time.

When it can’t be accessed when away from the office.

And when you can’t even be sure if the many formulas are correct, or the data even accurate!

What once started out as a flexible, low-cost solution, has now become your biggest painpoint.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. By migrating your spreadsheets into the right CRM solution, you can:

  • Make better and faster decisions with real-time access to critical business data from anywhere
  • Reduce business risk through automating processes
  • Reduce operational costs by redeploying staff to higher value activities