Ineffective or Poorly Implemented CRM

Choosing the right CRM is a tough enough challenge, but it will all be worthless if the CRM is poorly implemented.

How do you know it’s poorly implemented? Because a poorly implemented CRM often results in business leaders saying:

  • We must use only 10% of the capability of our system
  • CRM doesn’t work for us – we’re unique
  • CRM has been pointless as no-one fills in their sales and opportunity data
  • Our CRM is nothing more than a glorified address book
  • To be honest, if we switched off CRM, I don’t think anyone would notice…

With a poorly implemented CRM, here’s what your missing out on:

  • Improved customer service, satisfaction and retention: With access to accurate and timely data, pulled from multiple systems, you can better serve the needs of your clients and customers. Happier customers and clients, supported by accurate data on renewals, for example, equals extended customer/client retention
  • Increased sales and revenues: Accurate data on prospects, customers and clients means greater opportunity to offer additional products and services which, combined with improved retention, results in increased sales revenue
  • Increased efficiency: Having accurate data on leads, easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, means the sales team can perform more efficiently, and be managed more effectively
  • Share and distribute data: Accurate prospect, client and customer data provides business intelligence that can benefit multiple business functions, from marketing and sales, through to project delivery/customer fulfilment, and finance and accounts
  • Reliability and recoverability: cloud-based systems, residing in secure, reliable datacentres with systems configured to offload the burden of backups, and provide fast data recovery in the event of an incident

If you recognise that your CRM is poorly implemented, or simply want a health-check to ensure that it is optimal and that you’re taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you, then get in touch.