Supporting Local Charity This Christmas

Supporting Local Charity This Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving. It’s a time we’re more charitable and it’s a time of year we find comfort in the friends and family that surround us. However, this Christmas almost half a million elderly people will be at home alone.

To highlight the good charities do and to give something back this year, this Christmas Don Wiid, Co-Director of CRM Insights Ltd and his wife Katherine, owner of Recrion will be getting involved with Second Helpings. They will be volunteering their time to help prepare and serve food to those who are either alone this Christmas, or unable to cook dinner for themselves.

The Charity

The charity, Second Helpings, is a cafe operating from the Methodist Church in Stamford. They provides meals from food that would otherwise have gone to landfill. They’re open all year round and ask those who come to eat to pay what they believe their meal is worth with any money raised being donated to charity. Thanks to organisations such as this, nearly 10,000 kilos of food has been saved, feeding some 4,700 meals to nearly 3,500 people in just over a year.

This Christmas

For the first time ever, Second Helpings will open for Christmas Day. As such, they have been calling out for volunteers.

Don explained why this initiative appealed to him, “In South Africa there’s so much poverty, so we’re in the mindset of never wasting anything, which is why we’ve donated to food banks in the past and helped out wherever possible.”

Usually Don and his wife Katherine would travel 6000 miles from the UK to South Africa to spend time with family over the Christmas holidays. However, this year they’ve decided to make a change to their usual plans and make a difference to their local community.

As Katherine explained, “I’d heard about organisations such as this up and down the country, and then discovered there was one nearby, in fact it’s in the town in which Don and I live.” She went on to say, “As we’re not seeing family this year, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to help the local community and Second Helpings is such a great initiative.”

On the day

Volunteers will provide transport on Christmas day, collecting those who’re unable to travel on their own and lunch will begin at 1pm and will be free of charge.

Trained Italian chefs Danilo and Alison Trozzi will prepare and then cook Christmas dinner using the food collected by volunteers from local supermarkets on Christmas Eve.

All guests will receive a gift and there will also be entertainment, including carols and a film, to create a warm festive atmosphere.
Spaces are limited, so booking is required. Bookings can be made through Stamford Foodbank, Citizens Advice Bureau in Stamford or through George on 07891 437914 or at

Find out more about the Second Helpings Charity here.

Want to get involved? Second Helpings is calling out for volunteers and even have a wish list of items they need. See if you’re able to donate any of the items on their wishlist here.