New Year Budgets: The Best Investments To Make This Year

New Year Budgets: The Best Investments To Make This Year

With the arrival of a New Year, we look back on the past months in the hope of making improvements for 2017. Here we explore the best productivity solutions to help you make better software purchasing decisions in the New Year.

Project Management Software

Projects are becoming increasingly complex and challenging to manage. According to research, less than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year, resulting in a lower than predicted return on investment.

Project Management Software can help to overcome this by allowing you to oversee multiple projects. When employees are assigned individual tasks and you have real-time visibility of the progress, it is easier to stay organised and ensure tasks are completed on time. What’s more, employees can share their updates with other team members, eliminating the need for endless meetings and emails. Moreover, the system can send alerts regarding upcoming deadlines and help you identify potential issues before they occur, allowing everyone to stay on track.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows you to integrate your phone systems together with your software, typically CRM. It is often used to help sales teams close more deals and service departments improve overall customer satisfaction.

With CTI, sales representatives are able to make more calls and reach more prospects over the phone using automated dialling. They are also able to use information stored in their CRM to personalise and tailor conversations with prospects, which helps convert more leads into sales. For customer service and support departments, CTI helps reduce call handle times and increase first call resolution rates by providing pop up screens with the information they need to resolve customer issues.

CRM Software

Built-in workflow capabilities are possibly one of the most popular features of CRM software, allowing you to automate business processes and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

With CRM software you can create more efficient and streamlined sales, service and other business processes, helping you to close more sales, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately generate more revenue. What’s more, you can automate lead routes and escalations with email notifications and calendar triggers, improving productivity by up to 30%.

Digital Transaction Management

Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is designed to digitally manage document-based transactions, eliminating inefficient processes like printing, faxing, scanning and re-keying data. As a result, more and more organisations embrace DTM to automate document management while lowering operating costs, reducing errors and providing superior customer experience.

This software can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office applications, allowing you to sign documents directly from Microsoft Word, anytime, anywhere and on any device, without the need to navigate between applications.

Marketing Workflow Management Software

A marketing workflow allows you to manage every individual element of your marketing strategy in one place, including email marketing, CRM, web tracking, timing delays and conditional logic.

With email campaign services you can create dynamic content based on your audience and their individual movements. Through automated email marketing, you can monitor your website activity and send a specific email campaign when triggered by customer or prospect actions, for example website clinks or downloads. This can be scheduled and designed well in advance, allowing you to focus on other important activities.

The ability to easily move between business systems and applications will be key in 2017, not only facilitating collaboration, but significantly improving productivity. All the above systems can be easily integrated together to sit at the heart of a business to seamlessly manage all the operations. As a result, your business can have full visibility of performance and processes to drive growth and identify issues or fluctuations in the market, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive.

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